Utah Self Storage Units

Menlove Construction, Inc. has been designing and building self storage unit facilities for over 30 years. With over 180 projects constructed, we have become the most reputable storage unit builder in Utah and the intermountain west. We are not only general contractors but also Civil and Structural Engineers. Our engineering knowledge and experience allows us to custom design each project to fit your particular site.

Our expertise lies in turnkey storage unit development. First, we can help you as an owner select a site that is most suitable for storage units. If you already own a site we will layout the most efficient and cost effective facility that will generate the most revenue. Second, we will design the entire facility for you and take the design through the city or county approval process. This part can be very difficult, since many cities do not like storage unit facilities even though they are permitted in their zones. We have a very good reputation with all of the cities and counties in Utah and know exactly what is needed to get your project approved. We know that time is critical and we guarantee a timely municipal approval. Third, we always work with an accurate construction budget from the very beginning. We have built so many of these projects that we know exactly how much your project is going to cost from the beginning. We like to include all of the costs that you as an owner are going to have. Some contractors will exclude as much as they can so that their bid appears lower than others. We are the opposite. We like to include everything in our bid, and spell it out line by line so that you can see what you may have to pay for in order to have a complete project. From us you will receive a detailed construction bid showing each category to be completed. If you want to construct part of the facililty or if you have friends or family that are subcontractors, we are willing to work with them as well. We are very flexible and want you as the owner to be able to use whoever you want to build the project. You won’t have to sign a contract with us until you feel comfortable with the bid. We will help step you through the financial process with the banks if you are borrowing money. We know which banks like to lend on storage facilities. Of course we guarantee a timely completion and will help you with your start up and initial management. We have been in business for over 46 years and plan on being in business for 46 more. This means that our warranty promise our workmanship is solid. We take care of our customers for years after the construction is done.

So what types of storage unit facilities do we design and build? All types and all sizes. We have built projects as small as 6000 Sq. Ft. on a ¼ acre lot up to projects approaching 200,000 sq. ft. on 10 acre lots. We have built multi-level indoor climatized facilities up to 5 stories tall. We have also taken existing warehouse buildings and converted them into interior storage. We build a lot of RV storage. Some are fully enclosed with lights and power, others are just RV ports, while others like to store RVs outside on gravel or asphalt.

Many of our projects have been recognized nationally and locally by the storage unit industry or by the local cities in which they are built.