Quality, Experience, Value

Menlove Construction is a family owned business started in 1965. We specialize in Commercial and Industrial construction. The owners of the company are both Engineers with Professional licenses. Mike and Ken Menlove the owners do their own estimating on all projects. They also control the projects directly through their superintendents. Working in the estimating field everyday Mike and Ken know what products and types of construction are the most economical in the market place. Design build is our expertise; we can take a project from start to finish. We know and work well with all the cities and municipalities in the State. When bidding Menlove Construction only uses Sub Contractors that are time tested and stable in the market. The sub contractors that we use have worked with us for many years. In this economy they are still financially strong and have no problems with their suppliers. All of our superintendents have been with us for years and are well rounded in all types of construction. They have hands on experience and know if a phase of construction is done wrong or right. Menlove Construction has many repeat clients that we have worked with for years. We work hard to keep projects within the budget and time schedule. Quality control is very important; our superintendents monitor all phases of construction to ensure the best possible finish product. Mike and Ken can help in site selection, zoning approvals, building permits, preliminary estimates for lending companies and all entitlements. There are lending companies that we have great relationships with that are still funding to qualified owners. Menlove Construction is financially strong and if needed can bond projects of most any size. In conclusion, Mike and Ken Menlove as owners have hands on control of all projects that Menlove Construction works on. The owner of a project is working directly with the owners of the construction company not a project manager.